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Admissions and Records Forms

Forms Processing

Please be aware that all forms require processing time. Admissions and Records will process your forms in the order received. Please do not submit the same form more than once. If the form you need is not in DocuSign, please email for information about the process. 


Find your High School's Custom Permit to Attend

When submitting prior to open registration: student must register on Self-Service (Forms submitted prior to open registration allow student to register in any open section of the course)

When submitting during open registration: student will be registered by A&R staff (Forms submitted during open registration require section number to be registered)

When submitting during the add period: student will be added by A&R staff (Forms submitted during add period require section number and add authorization to be added)

 **If your high school is not listed above, please use form below:  

**DocuSign High School Permit to Attend + Course Registration form requires student, parent, and high school principal's signature (name and email) and NVC Student ID. Some high schools require a high school counselor's signature as well.  

ONLY students under age 15 are required to obtain instructor signature (name and email). All others require only the student, parent, and principal signature. 

Find all other important high school forms below: