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Culinary Library

The Culinary Library at Napa Valley College is home to an extensive collection of cookbooks and culinary related books. A large part of the library consists of a life-long collection of cookbooks generously donated by Belle Rhodes. In 2011, the school was able to obtain a nearly 6,000-book collection once housed in Copia's library. The Copia collection picks up the years where the Belle Rhodes' collection ended.  Among this collection are wine books, cookbooks, books on whiskey cookery, on onions, cheese, chocolate, herbs, gardening, and kitchen tools. 

Also in the collection are books of reminiscences of high-profile chefs and celebrities, culinary tours of the world's noted food regions and even a book on toasters and a collectors guide to Pez. These books are available to students in the Napa Valley Cooking School and to the community-at-large through the NVC McCarthy Library's partnership with the Napa County Library and Solano College on Polaris.