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Academic Standing/Probation

Studies show that students who are informed of their academic standing have a higher academic success rate. Student success is our most important focus at Napa Valley College. Workshops and/or counseling appointments are available to assist students meet their educational goals. Register for a workshop today!

Academic & Progress Dismissal

Students on Academic and Progress Dismissal will need an appointment with a counselor to discuss their standing.

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Helpful Forms and Policies

Probation Levels

Students are considered to be in "good standing" when they achieve a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher and earn grades of "A", "B", "C" in 50% or more in all coursework attempted.

There are two types of probation: Academic and Progress. A student may be on either type of probation or on both. If a student is on either type of probation or on both: there will be a permanent notation placed on the student's academic history; a student will not be in good academic standing at the College; the student will not be removed from probation until there is improvement in the overall academic record, even if there is improvement in the current semester academic record.

Students on probation are contacted by NVC's Office of Student Services or General Counseling Division via email informing them of their academic status.  All first-time probation students are encouraged to complete the Probation and Dismissal Workshop offered by the Counseling Division.

Students who have attempted 12 semester units or more will be placed on Academic Probation if their cumulative grade point average is below 2.0.

Students may be placed on Progress Probation if they have attempted 12 or more units and have an excessive number of "withdraws", "no pass or no credit" or "incomplete" grades. "Excessive" is defined as 50% or more.

For removal from Academic Probation, a student must have an overall cumulative grade point average in all Napa Valley College units of 2.00 or higher. For removal from Progress Probation, a student must have been given marks of "W," "NP", "NC", or "I" in less than 50% of all Napa Valley College units in which the student has enrolled.

A student who has been on probation is subject to Dismissal if the student has been on either Academic Probation or on Progress Probation or on both Academic and Progress Probation for more than two consecutive semesters. If students are academically dismissed, a notation of "Academic Dismissal" will be placed on the permanent academic record. Consecutive semester's means two regular semesters in a row of the students attendance at Napa Valley College. Summer sessions are not counted as regular semesters when semesters are being counted for Academic Dismissal.

Students may appeal Academic Dismissal and petition to be reinstated so they may continue their enrollment. Such petitions will be considered for students for the following circumstances: 1.) Students who feel they have been placed on dismissal in error, 2.) Students who believe they have legitimate extenuating circumstances such as verified cases of accidents, illness or other circumstances beyond the control of the student, and 3.) Students who have demonstrated satisfactory academic progress for the last semester of enrollment.

Students may request information or a Petition to Appeal Dismissal and request reinstatement from a counselor. If students are reinstated, their reinstatement will be conditional based upon a review of the academic record at the end of each semester. Readmitted students will be subject to the continued requirements of the Academic Probation and Academic Dismissal Regulation. 

Petitions to Appeal Dismissal are currently available in both the General Counseling Office and Admissions & Records. The Associate Dean of Admissions & Records will determine the outcome of Dismissal Status Appeals.