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Visual, Design and Performing Arts

If you are creative and enjoy expressing yourself through visual art, design, dance, music, or theatre, the Visual, Design & Performing Arts pathway may be the right choice for you. Explore programs related to visual, design & performing arts...

Art History

Art History at Napa Valley College provides students a range of courses, covering earliest image-making to contemporary art practice, photography to graphic design.


From Jazz, Hip Hop, and Ballet, to Modern Dance, Tap, Beginning Cardio, Salsa and Latin Dance. Other areas include dance production and choreography.

Digital Art & Design

Combine problem-solving skills, planning and analysis with solid computer skills and traditional art making to create successful, clear visual communication.

Film Studies

Film Studies provides unique experiences of a diverse, dynamic and interdependent world through a study of film, television and media.


A comprehensive foundation in music as well as two areas of emphasis; vocal and instrumental music. Basic foundation in music fundamentals, theory and history.


Basic aesthetic principles as well as a range of photographic techniques needed for college transfer, entry into the workplace, or for artistic expression.

Studio Arts

Focusing on creating an environment in which critical thinking, problem solving, expression and the development of visual literacy can thrive.

Theater Arts

Create high quality theater experiences on stage and in the classroom. Learn from professional artists in a way that inspires their passion for the artistic process.