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Q: How long is the paramedic academy?

A:  The paramedic academy is approximately 15 months in length.  The first course, didactic, spans from August until May.  The second course, clinical and field internship, starts in June and usually ends by the beginning of December.  There are variances in the length of individuals internships, based upon performance and call volume. This accounts for the "approximate length of 15 months."  Most individuals complete the program with in the 15 month allotment.

Q: How much does the academy cost?

A:  Please click here to view not only the Paramedic course fees but the EMR and EMT as well.

Q: What days of the week does the academy meet?

A:  During the didactic phase of the program, students meet every Thursday and Friday from 8:00am till 5:00pm.  During the internship phase, students are expected to meet at the times and locations of their appointed preceptor's schedule.  In addition to the preceptor shifts, students have approximately 6 mandated classes scheduled throughout the course. 

Q: What experience do I need prior to applying?

A:  The requirement is 2000 hours of EMT experience prior to submitting your application.  These hours must be verified by employers.  It is highly recommended that the bulk of the 2000 hours be performed in an emergency system on an ALS ambulance.  Your experience will be evaluated in the application process.