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Andrea Gonzalez Robledo; Rapper Russ Portrait. ARTS-110, Fundamentals of Drawing SP24  Brian Eduardo Pacheco Hernandez - Dense. ARTS-101 2-D Foundations SP24

Carmellen Lopez -  Meow. ARTS-120 Fundamentals of Painting FA23  Kamryn Rane McDaniels Untitled. ARTS-102 3-D Foundations SP24

lloyd marasigan unnerving convergence of nothing. ARTS-145 Clay Sculpture SP24   Salvador Topolinski Self Portrait. ARTS-110 Fundamentals of Drawing SP24

  Aga Rosecrans - Ink Study. ARTS-110 Spring 2023  Alcaid Andrade - Utopian Planet. DART-130 Spring 2023  

AnneMarie Ridgway - Queen of Diamonds. ARTS-220 Spring 2023  Brandon Mammon - Untitled Sphere. ARTS-102 Spring 2023  

Brenda Speth - Stay in Your Lane Elon. ARTS-101 Spring 2023  Jennifer Vasquez - Body ode ode. ARTS-145 Spring 2023

 Kali Olson - Life of a Bar Egg. ARTS-220 Spring 2023  Sharon Borunda - The Open Door. ARTS-220 Spring 2023

 Holly Ellis - the Weight of Joy. ARTS-101 Spring 2023

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