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The Faculty Business Committee shall be concerned with matters regarding professional qualifications and equivalencies, full- and part-time faculty hiring procedures, academic rank, faculty emeritus status, faculty ethics and academic freedom, faculty roles in college governance structures, faculty roles and involvement in accreditation processes, and other academic and professional matters related to faculty.

The Faculty Business Committee shall:

  1. Develop, review and recommend appropriate Board Policies and Administrative Procedures.
  2. Develop and recommend policies related to faculty ethics and academic freedom.
  3. Mediate and take action in cases of alleged unprofessional conduct, consistent with the Academic Senate Faculty Ethics Statement.
  4. Develop and recommend policies and procedures for hiring full and part-time faculty.
  5. Develop and recommend policies and procedure establishing minimum qualifications and equivalencies for faculty.
  6. Develop and recommend criteria for academic rank and faculty emeritus status, and employ such criteria to recommend to the Academic Senate applicants for such status.
  7. According to established procedures, convene a Minimum Qualifications and Equivalency Review Team to ensure that minimum qualifications are met.
  8. Review and make recommendations to the Academic Senate on program review policies, procedures, and outcomes. 
  9. Review and make recommendations to the Academic Senate on faculty roles in accreditation processes.
  10. Review and make recommendations to the Academic Senate on faculty roles in college governance structures.


Committee meetings are open to the public. Meetings will take place in Room 1770 on third Tuesdays at 12:30pm, with some exceptions. *Note: during Covid-19 campus closure, meetings will be held via Zoom and links will be available prior to each meeting.

Fall Meeting Schedule

Sept. 20, Oct. 18, Nov. 15, Dec. 20

Committee Chair

Jim McGowan
Professor, History
(707) 256-7749

Committee Members

  • Ellingson, Dave, MATH
  • Dunkle, Iris, LADS
  • Castro, Antonio, SE
  • Cresci, Rachael, COUN
  • King, Jennifer, ARAH
  • Epperson, Mandy, CTE
  • Jong, May, ARAH
  • Rose, G. Scott, HEOC
  • Lara-Medrano, Elizabeth, COUN
  • Anderson, John, SOCS
  • TBD, LOA Coordinator