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Where can I find legal and immigration advice?

Visit the VIDAS Vital Immigrant Defense Advocacy and Services.

What are mirrored classes? 

Mirrored classes are two sections of academic ESL courses that happen at the same time, same day, in the same room with the same instructor. The only difference is one is credit and one is noncredit.

Noncredit academic ESL classes: 

  • are free of charge (students do not have to buy textbooks to complete homework or take tests)
  • are not graded
  • are open enrollment. Students can register and attend class when they are able. Students can exit when they need to.
  • are repeateable. Students can retake any of these classes.

Credit academic ESL classes:

  • are graded and for credit
  • can contribute to a degree at Napa Valley College
    require to buy textbooks in order to complete homework and prepare for tests
    have registration costs as other credit classes 
  • are not open-enrollment. Students need register before the deadline. 

Can I audit a class?

Since the classes are mirrored (see above), students should enroll in the noncredit section of the class. The noncredit classes have similar advantages as auditing does. 

What days and times are the classes? What is the schedule?

You can visit the Welcome Center or search for classe schedules online.