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Whether you are interested in transferring to a 4 year college, pursuing a new career, upgrading your career skills or personal enrichment,
NVC has an easy and affordable pathway for you.

Please select a student type below to apply to the college and enroll in courses.


I am an incoming student / graduating high school senior

I am a current high school student (dual enrollment)

I am returning to NVC after one or more semesters

I want to transfer to a 4-year university

I want to prepare for a career or build my professional skills

I am a veteran (or dependent)

I am an international student

I am interested in non-credit, community education classes



We have over 100 degree and certificate programs - many that include guaranteed transfer options to UC and CSU.
Get started creating an educational plan that's right for you.

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Exploration pathways group programs into broad themes allowing you to browse all programs that align with your specific area of interest. Business & Marketing, Health & Human Services, People, Culture & Society, Science & Industrial Technology, Visual, Design & Performing Arts, and Wine & Food.

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Business & Marketing

Do you find yourself drawn to the world of business? In this pathway, you will be exposed to the managerial, analytical, social, and personal skills and theories necessary for success in today’s economy.

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Health & Human Services

Are you interested in helping people? This pathway will foster your desire to educate, support, protect, heal, and understand the people of your local and global worlds.

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People, Culture & Society

Are you excited to learn about and understand people? Through this pathway, you will gain a global perspective, and engage with the behaviors, languages, histories, politics, economics, social dynamics, and cultural interactions that organize and identify the people around the world.

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Science & Industrial Technology

Do you enjoy building things, experimenting, and solving problems? It is through this pathway that you will discover your passion in the biological, chemical, mechanical, technical, and analytical worlds of nature, society, and beyond.

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Visual, Design & Performing Arts

Are you someone who likes to create, design, or perform? As a part of this pathway, you will be engaged with the diverse and exciting ways that you can design, construct, draw, narrate, perform, and otherwise manifest your worlds through artistic expression.

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Wine & Food

Want to be a part of the Napa Valley-Bay Area renowned food and wine scene? Build extensive skills through successive certificate and degree options. This pathway opens opportunities to enhance your career and create memorable experiences for you and those that visit from around the world.

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