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Evan Clark (He/Him/His)

Adjunct Instructor

Communication Studies


Hello, it's great to have you here in my online course!  My name is Evan Clark, and I am an Adjunct Instructor at Napa Valley College.  I also teach Communication classes for American River College and CSU Sacramento, and have taught at CSU East Bay as well.  Why the spread between the Bay Area and Sacramento?  I used to live in Sacramento and earned both my Bachelor's and Master's degree in Communication Studies from CSU Sacramento, and that's where I first started teaching.  But I now live in the east Bay Area, and have found that commuting out of the Bay Area is a lot easier than commuting into it!

Napa Valley College is special to me because it was the first community college I started teaching at, and I have been here since Summer 2016.  Teaching classes online (due to COVID-19) is obviously much different from being face-to-face on campus, and it has presented plenty of challenges, but it has also been invigorating by getting me to think about how to conduct class in different ways.  Mediated communication has become so necessary due to the pandemic, and we will have an exciting and interesting time getting to discuss the many complex aspects of communication in this way.

That's all well and good about me as your professor, but let me tell you a little more about myself.  At home I am blessed with my wife of 6 years, Julie; cat of 5 years, Abby; and infant daughter, Cara.  I actually like exercising on my treadmill now, since it feels like I spend most of the day at my laptop.  Another thing I've been doing more of lately is cooking, which tends to be very segmented meat-starch-veggie or one-dish pasta meals, not a lot of complex recipes.  For example, I've been loving slow-cooker pot roast lately!  Another thing I realized is that I primarily listened to music in my car while commuting, so my go-to way to relax now is just kick back on the couch with my Airpods and listen to an album or two, often with Abby on my lap.  But I am also very interested in film and have amassed a collection of close to 1000 Blu-rays, quite a few of which still need to be watched for the first time!  One I finally got around to watching was "1917," the World War I movie from last year that was shot to look like there were no cuts.  I thought it was alright.


M.A. Communication Studies;

B.A. Communication Studies

Honors and Awards

Western States Communication Association 88th Annual Convention, Salt Lake City, UT 2/20/2017
• “The Traditional, Rethought and Revolutionized: A Modernization of Cultivation Theory in Light of Social Media,” co-authors James Baker, Allie Boyd, Andrea Carli, Clay Cederquist, Al Marin, Ryan Pritchard, Julie Rose & Damariyé Smith
Western States Communication Association 85th Annual Convention, Anaheim, CA 2/18/2014
• “The Story on Stories: In Search of Dialogism in Instructional Storytelling and Self-Disclosure,” co-author Julie N. Aguiar
Western States Communication Association 84th Annual Convention, Reno, NV 2/18/2013
• “Emotional Intelligence: In Search of a Dialogistic Perspective”
• “Creating a Memory: Communication in Parent-Adult Child Relationships With and Without Grandchildren”

Additional Information

Face-to-face, Online, and Hybrid courses taught include:
• Introduction to Public Speaking
• The Communication Experience
• Interpersonal Communication
• Career Communication
• Small Group Communication
• Presentational Speaking in the Organization