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Classified Appreciation Week

We look forward to celebrating CLASSIFIED APPRECIATION 2024!  Please view the schedule below for the fun and enriching activities we have planned for next week, that includes a scavenger hunt and culminates with our annual classified appreciation lunch on Friday, April 19.

colorful photos with writing



Classified APPRECIATION Week Scavenger Hunt
April 15, 2024 – April 18, 2024

We have organized an all-campus scavenger hunt to get your competitive spirit flowing, and get you to know your campus a little more. 


  • Locate the campus landmarks and take a **SELFIE by the landmark.  Make sure to include a significant nearby structure to identify the landmark’s location.

Selfie Sample 

solange in front of map landmark

All pictures are due by 10 a.m. Thursday, April 18, 2024. 

A $50 Amazon gift card will go to the first classified employee who submits all pictures correctly identifying the landmarks and their location.


PLEASE NOTE: To submit your selfies.

  1. Take a photo
  2. Upload it to your computer
  3. Deadline to submit is April 10 at 11:00am PST
  4. Save as: first_lastname-(which #?). Example: denise_kaduri-3 Please upload files (photos) through this link:


Disclosure:  Individuals (self or others) in the photo must get their consent before taking the photo. Photos will be used for a slideshow shown during the luncheon on Friday, April 19; and, for future promotional/marketing purposes. 

If you do not wish to have your photos taken

Photo Release form


Scavenger Hunt LisT
Scavenger Hunt List 2024 PDF

1. Find all 6 Campus Directory Monuments (make sure to include a nearby building in the picture to identify location)

2. Find all 3 Charging Station Areas (make sure to include a nearby building in the picture to identify location)

purple with white lettering

3. Parking Permit Machine

4. Napa Valley Cooking School Shed
5. Box Office

6. In Memoriam Dr. Harry McPherson plaque

black background with gold lettering


7.  “Truth – Liberty – Toleration” plaque

grey background with grey lettering

8. Women’s History Quilt Project



9. “Les Feuilies de Vigne” (“Leaves on the Vine”) sculpture 

leaves in brown sculpture

10. Benches at the Pick-Up/Drop-Off spot

white sign with red lettering

11. “Mama Bear Teaching Three Cubs to Fish:” sculpture

black background with raised lettering

12. Center of Campus marker (HINT: located on the ground)

gold circle marker