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Catastrophic Leave - BP7345 DocuSign:
Change/Update Personal Information - please email  or send via inter-office envelope, or place directly in secure lock box outside Human Resources Training & Development Office, Room 1544.
Collective Bargaining Agreements
Compensatory Time Earned - submit to Human Resources at the end of each month. To preview the document, click here.
DocuSign Form:
Ergonomic Evaluation - redirect to Facilities
Illness/Injury Report - Supervisor Report must be submitted within 24 hours of injury.

  • Preview form here.
DocuSign Form:
Leave                                                                        (Vacation/Sick/Other)
Regular/Salaried Employee and Part-Time Hourly Credit Faculty
Hourly Employee & Student Workers
Org Charts District Organizational Chart
Personnel Action Form (PAF) for a Regular/Salaried Employee

DocuSign Forms:

Phone List - Staff - Quick Reference

8.5 x 14 Printable Format - 1 sided

8.5 x 11 Printable Format - 2 sided

Pilot Telecommute Program (PTP)

DocuSign Form:

Reclassification Request Questionnaire (RRQ) DocuSign forms:
Request for Contract (RFC)
  • Trainer/Presenter
  • Contract/Regularly Faculty & Tenured Academic Administrator
  • Part-Time, Hourly Credit and CDCP Noncredit Faculty
  • Non-Tenured Academic Administrators
  • Classified Administrators
  • Full-Time Leave Replacements
DocuSign Forms:
Salary Schedules
See Career/Job Opportunities Page
Staff Development Request
Classified Professional Employee DocuSign Form:

Confidential Employee Instructions and Form

Must print and handwrite or upload into DocuSign

Temporary Employee Assignment (TEA)

Contact: for new hire onboarding process and questions
Volunteer Agreement - Current NVC employee DocuSign Forms:
Volunteer Agreement - Non-Employee
Additional Required Materials:
  • Volunteer Fingerprint Verification
  • Online Application
DocuSign Forms:
Verification of Employment - Current & Former NVC employees: verification of employment dates and salary Please email
and be sure to include signed authorization to release