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Student Equity Plan

The purpose of the Student Equity Plan (SEP) is to advance equity-driven excellence at Napa Valley College (NVC). NVC is committed to maintaining its high standards while actively supporting all students to learn and succeed with the understanding that the diversity of their experiences enriches the institution and its standards of excellence.  NVC has an institutional responsibility to recognize barriers to student success and develop programs and practices with the specific intention of providing all underserved students with an opportunity to succeed. In so doing, NVC retains its commitment to excellence in all of its programs and services. Diversity and differences in students are valuable resources, not obstacles to learning. Understanding excellence requires that diverse student populations are embraced and be full participants in their educational journey. The SEP primarily focuses its attention on creating institutional change to improve success for underserved students.
This directive, and the goals, objectives and activities associated with it, are aligned with other relevant plans at NVC, including its strategic plan developed through its shared governance process.