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District Inclusivity Committee

The District's Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee's purpose is to identify the offices and areas of the college responsible for implementing the goals of the Diversity Task Force Plan and Student Equity Plan, set up timelines for implementation, and determine the mechanisms by which we will evaluate the progress.

The members of the committee are composed primarily of employees in specified positions whose job duties provide them the ability to deal directly with major aspects of the Diversity Task Force and Student Equity Plans. This will ensure that the people on this committee have experience and engagement in diversity issues as well as the authority to implement the goals of the plan. The committee will also include two community members.

Committee Members

Committee Chair:  Dr. Patricia van Leeuwaarde Moonsammy, Senior Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


4 Faculty Senate Members

  • Dr. Kathryn Bousquet, Professor, Psychology
  • Kristie Iwamoto, President, Faculty Union and Instructor, English
  • Gail Rulloda, Counselor, DSPS and Instructor, Kasaysayan
  • Dr. Eileene Tejada, President, Academic Senate and Professor, Language and Development Studies

4 Administrative/Confidential Senate Members

  • Luis Alcazar, Assoc Dean, MESA/STEM

  • Shawntel Ridgle, Director, Upper Valley Campus and Community Education
  • Omar Peña, Student Affairs Specialist, Transfer Center

4 Classified Senate Members

  • Morgan Knight, Writing Success Center
  • San Lu, Alternate Media Specialist, DSPS
  • Mario Plancarte, Facilities
  • Francine Turner, Admissions & Records Specialist

4 Associated Students of NVC Members

  • Sage Christensen
  • Victor Cruz
  • Rudy Noble
  • Vacant

4 Community Members

  • Dr. Orlando Carreon, Lecturer in the UC Davis School of Education
  • Jose Hernandez, Former NVC MESA Director
  • Dr. Sherry Tennyson, Director, American Canyon Family Resource Center & NVC Career Consultant
  • Vacant


  • Charo Albarran, Vice President, Human Resources, Training & Development
  • Robin Darcangelo, Senior Dean, Student Affairs & Past Interim Director, Equity & Inclusivity
  • Holly Dawson, Director, Public Affairs & Communications and Public Information Officer
  • Dr. Alejandro Guerrero, Interim Associate Vice President, Student Affairs
  • Dr. Robyn Wornall, Senior Dean, Research, Planning, & Institutional Effectiveness

Mission Statement

The Equity and Inclusivity District Committee of Napa Valley College acknowledges that society is composed of many groups and individuals whose diverse social, physical and cultural backgrounds are the source of innovation and creative problem solving.   As a result, the College has a responsibility to cultivate and sustain the richness of different perspectives and experiences for the growth of the community as learners and workers.

The committee fosters understanding and acceptance of groups and individuals composed of all cultures and identities, including but not limited to: economic status, disabilities, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, national origin, religion, race, age, sexual orientation, or veteran status. We recognize:

  • the need to promote and sustain a culture of respect and safe environments on campus
  • the connection between fostering diversity at the college and ongoing student success
  • the value in raising awareness of historic or ongoing social and economic inequities and working towards a community rooted in mutual respect, equal opportunity and acceptance


  1. Promote and cultivate safe spaces on campus.
  2. Encourage diversity in college curriculum, both at the course level and the program/certificate level.
  3. Support activities on campus that promote diversity and inclusivity.
  4. Work with groups and individuals (staff, faculty, administrators, students and community) in raising awareness for diversity issues
  5. Serve as an advisory committee to the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Plan.
  6. Maintain campus climate as related to issues of diversity and inclusivity.
  7. Recommend institutional priorities related to inclusivity and diversity to the Planning Committee and other appropriate bodies.

Student Equity Plan 2015-16