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Digital Art & Design

computer and design tools

The Digital Art & Design program combines problem-solving skills, planning and analysis with solid computer skills and traditional art making to create successful, clear visual communication. Students learn conceptual message development and fundamental theory while receiving vocational training. Courses such as typography and digital media form the core of the Digital Art & Design program. Students may choose from other courses in photography, film, video, graphic design, and animation to earn their degree. Students may pursue an Associate of Arts degree and prepare for transfer to a college, university or art school.

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Students have access to two fully equipped Macintosh computer labs. The Mac Labs are networked to handle full-color, high resolution print projects, scanners, web and motion production. Each Mac computer is loaded with the latest Adobe Creative Suite of programs. 

Some course offerings for Fall 2024

DART-160 FA24 Tile       DART-140 FA24 Tile