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Dance Styles

Title:  DANS-132
Is an introductory or “survey” course for people wanting to dance but not sure of what style of dance they should take or for those who want a little bit of many different styles.  The course will cover jazz, street jazz & hip hop, modern, ballet, tap and more!


Title:  DANS-134
Beginning ballet focuses on beginning techniques at the barre, center floor, across the floor, and various ballet combinations with different rhythmic patterns. Intermediate:  Intermediate techniques at the barre, center floor, across the floor and various ballet combinations. Advanced builds on the skills learned in beginning and intermediate levels. Body movement and dance vary for different music.

Ballet Fit

Title:  DANS-133
Another style of dance-fitness that is sweeping the gym scene in the States and in Europe is ballet-inspired fitness.  This class combines core, flexibility and conditioning exercises while incorporating ballet barre exercises to help create a lean, graceful and strong body.


Title:  DANS-136
Jazz instruction focuses on jazz techniques, center floor stretches, isolated movements, and combinations with different rhythmic patterns.  Beginning and intermediate levels offered.

Street Jazz / (Hip Hop, Beginning)

Title:  DANS-135
Street Jazz / Hip Hop is a beginning level exploration of the current dance phenomena:  Street Jazz.  Street Jazz is a dance form combining Jazz, Hip-Hop and Funk.  The class is taught from classic jazz dance parameters for warm-up and entry level technique but adapted for the stylization of contemporary hip hop and street dance styles.  Course includes historical investigation of contributing dance forms and contemporary cultural relevance.

Modern Dance

Title:  DANS-138
Modern Dance is a creative movement class with an emphasis on rhythmic movements, isolated movement, free expression and improvisation. This course will introduce elemental concepts (space, time, force).  Beginning and intermediate levels offered.


Title:  DANS-137
An introductory class covering the basic single and double sound steps, classic steps and combinations.  The history of tap dance is also included.


Title:  DANS-126
Is based on the very popular ZUMBA dance-fitness workout.  It is an aerobic dance class that uses various Latin musical rhythms as well as world beat and popular hits for a very fun and exhilarating workout.

Join certified ZUMBA instructor, Kelly McCann for 50 minutes of fun fun fun!

Salsa and Latin Dance

Title:  DANS-128
If you have always wanted to go out Salsa dancing but never knew how to start, this is the class for you!  In this class you will learn the basics of Salsa, Merenge, and many other popular and fun Latin partner dances.  Bring a friend or come solo and meet lots of great folks in class.  The class is offered in the evening.

Dance Production - A

Title:  DANS-140
Introduction to dance production. Costuming, makeup, publicity, performing or assisting in stage managing.  Recommended:  concurrent enrollment in any other dance technique course. Open entry/open exit.

Dance Production - B (Future)

Title:  DANS-141
This course is offered Fall semesters with DANS 142- Choreography.  This course provides students with the proper production knowledge and skills, and the proper venue, to produce a dance show using choreography they have generated in the DANS 142 choreography class.  Course can be repeated three times.  Skills or proficiencies are enhanced by supervised repetition and practice within class periods.  Course content differs each time it is offered.  Open entry / Open exit.


Title:  DANS-142
Introduction to choreographic skills. Elements of dance from a choreographic perspective. Space, time, rhythm, form, phrasing, style and content. Students required to present studies of critique.