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Psychiatric Technician II

This is the second course in a series of three semesters designed to prepare the student for eligibility for licensure as a Psychiatric Technician in the State of California. Includes Psychopharmacology, Assessment and intervention of the Client with Developmental Disabilities, Etiologies, Diseases Associated with Developmental Disabilities, Teaching and Training using a Developmental Model, Developmental Disabilities Client’s Rights, Tests and Measurements, Normalization, Behavior Modification, and Case Management.


  • Ida Logan, BS, PT
  • Jayzle Robinson-Piga, MS, PT


REQUIRED TEXTBOOKS for PTEC 155: Children with Disabilities 8th Edition; Batshaw, Roizen & Pellegrino, AND A Comprehensive Guide to Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities 2nd Edition; Wehmeyer, Brown, Percy, Shogren & Fung