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International Student Information

Nurses with International Transcripts or Licensure in other States seeking classes, per the BRN, to meet requirements to take the NCLEX Exam

We understand your need to take a class or two for concurrent lecture/ clinical experience as required by the Board of Registered Nursing. The Napa Valley College Associate Degree Nursing Program would like to help, if we can, but we are limited as to what we can offer.

What We offer…

We are not able to provide classes in “Medical-Surgical Nursing” because we have integrated these classes throughout our two year curriculum. There are schools that have classes separately designated for these topics or have developed classes for students with your needs.

We do offer separate courses for “Maternal Child Health” (or Obstetrics) and Psychiatric Nursing Care each FALL (starts mid-August); and we can offer limited enrollment, as space and resources allow, annually. These classes for the Fall 2024 are currently full. The next classes will be offered Fall 2025.

How to request Enrollment…

Two months before the start of the semester (all would be June 15, please, not before!); please email the following (in one email please):

  1. Your request for the class you need
  2. Your contact information inclusive of current telephone number, mailing address
  3. Attach copy of the BRN letter you received
  4. Attach copy of your educational transcript
  5. Attach copy of proof of successful completion of your medical surgical nursing component, if required by the BRN (in your BRN letter).
  6. Send to 

How is acceptance determined?

If you have met the requirements stated above, we will determine if all of our current students have been placed, and re-entry students have been placed, and will then offer two places per semester to nurses with international transcripts for each course, if there is room in the class and if we have adequate teaching and clinical resources, on a first come, first served basis. There is no wait list for the next year. Once the determination has been made, you will be notified of acceptance by the Admissions Office at Napa Valley College. The Admissions Office will inform you of how to register, and how to pay the required fees. If you are not accepted, you will receive notice by email or letter, that there is currently no space available and that you will need to re-apply through the same process, two months prior to the start of the next class.

If you are accepted, you will need to do the following:

  1. Enroll and pay fees as per the directions of the Admissions Office.
  2. Look at the Napa Valley College ADN Program webpage for new students. Because you will be attending clinical, we need to meet the facility requirements. Prior to the start of class/ clinical you will need to follow the directions for the following:
    1. Physical Exam and Immunization Records
    2. Show proof of a current American Heart Association BLS for Healthcare Providers card
    3. Background Check and Drug Screening
    4. Healthstream on-line training classes
    5. purchase appropriate textbook(s) and HESI testing as required for the class
    6. Uniform for Napa Valley College ADN program with shoulder patch (we occasionally have some used uniforms for a nominal fee, check with your assigned faculty)
    7. download, read, and complete the signature pages in the NVC ADN Program Student handbook
  3. Contact assigned faculty for further questions about being prepared for the class.