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Police Policy and Training

Policy Manual

The Napa Valley College Police Department's policy manual sets forth the performance expectations of department members.  It is recognized that no set of policies, no matter how complete, can address all the situations that may be encountered. This policy manual will serve as a guideline and should be employed with sound discretion, judgement and reason.

This is a living document and subject to change and edits due to new laws, court decisions, district policies, new methodologies, and other factors.  The policy manual on this website will be updated periodically to try and ensure it reflects the current Napa Valley College policy manual.

Napa Valley College Police Policy Manual



The Napa Valley College Police department regularly attends a variety of POST and non-POST certified training at various different locations with different hosts.  Our department regularly attends training provided to us by the Napa County Sheriff's Office.

NVC Police in house training outlines:


annual report



AB 481 list of equipment/nvcpd policy 706 military equipment

AB 481 List of Equipment- 2023

NVCPD Police 706- Military Equipment


Advisory committee


  • Amber Wade, Chief Of Police
  • Jazmin De La Cruz, Dispatcher and Records Manager
  • Charo Albarran, Vice President Human Resources and Training and Development, Title IX Coordinator
  • Dr. Alejandro Guerrero, Assist. Superintendent/Vice President, Student Affairs.
  • Sean McCann, Professor Criminal Justice Education & Training
  • Scott Rose, Director EMS Program
  • Greg Miraglia, Coordinator Criminal Justice Education & Training and LGBT Studies
  • Robin Darcangelo, Senior Dean Student Affairs/DSPS
  • Oscar De Haro, Former Vice President Student Affairs
  • Melissa Datu, Director Student Health Center
  • ASNVC President or Designee

The Napa Valley College Police Department Advisory Committee is committed to maintaining a safe environment for ALL at NVC. The Committee will meet quarterly to review critical policies and procedures, use of force incidents, emergency operations, relevant college police and campus training, staffing, surveys, and any related safety issues or concerns present on campus. This committee will work in partnership with the NVC Safety Committee and NVC Emergency Response Committee.