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Annual High School Breakfast

The Annual High School Breakfast is a successful, traditional activity that has been held at Napa Valley College on over 18 occassions. NVC Board of Trustees Members, faculty, staff and administrators are invited to present, while guests to this event include high school counselors, staff, superintendents, and program directors.

The Breakfast is a task that developed from the work of the NVC Outreach Committee, whose membership and input has included the Counseling Division, Economic Workforce Development Grants and Programs, Admissions and Records, and the Office of Student Affairs.

Napa Valley College is here you, our students and our community.

The goal outcome of this annual activity is to--

  • Share with our guests about the innovative and exciting developments at NVC, as well as how the enhance student success
  • Develop and strengthen relationships between our NVC staff (particularly counselors) with our community educational institutions (and beyond)

  • Offer an opportunity to the school districts to update NVC of developments that will benefit NVC counselors, as high school students transition to NVC

  • Have our guests provide input via an electronic evaluation on the effectiveness of the presentations, and have NVC use that input for the improvement of future events