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Care Team

The Campus Assessment Response and Education (CARE) Team strives to promote individual success and well-being while prioritizing safety on campus.

If you have a concern about someone within the campus community please reach out to your CARE Team.

The Care Team responds to reports of unusual or concerning behavior by systematic assessments and intervention. The team manages each case by identifying and collaborating with the most appropriate resource(s) to resolve the situation and maintain the wellbeing of all involved. The team also provides outreach and education to the campus community about behaviors of concern.



CARE Team Members

  • Amber Wade, Chief of Police
  • Bob Harris, Dean, Health and Safety
  • Melissa Datu, Director of Student Health Services
  • Tyler Downie,  DSPS Counselor/Professor
  • Miguel Ramirez, Program Manager, Mentis

  • Shawna Bynum, Department Coordinator/Professor, Mathematics

  • Marcy Demetro, Veterans Services Counselor