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Nicollette Morales (she/her/siya)

Adjunct Faculty

Ethnic Studies


BA and MA in Asian American Studies

Doctorate student


Nicollette Mota Magsambol Morales is a 1.5 generation Pinay that has a background in Ethnic Studies; she has been at Napa Valley College since 2017 teaching at the Humanities department, now Ethnic Studies department.  She has taught Ethnic Studies in San Francisco, Solano and Napa counties.  She is a community worker, activista, nanay, anak, apo, asawa and Pinay.  Nicollette is the co-founder of the Kasaysayan Learning Community at Napa Valley College and works with various community colleges in California to expand the Filipinx Learning communities all over California Community Colleges.  Nicollette also works with the Filipinx Mental Health Initiative - Solano/Napa as the co-chair.  Nicollette focuses her work on social justice, activism, and helping those who are voiceless find their voices.  She is currently a doctorate student in Education with an emphasis on Teaching and Curriculum at Northcentral University.  

Nicollette's teaching philosophy is inspired by bell hooks who states, "When everyone in the classroom, teachers and students, recognizes that they are responsible for creating a learning community together, learning is at it's most meaningful and useful."

Additional roles at NVC

Coordinator of Kasaysayan Pilipinx Learning Community