Based on the analysis of Napa Valley College's Educational Master Plan as well as other needs analysis across campus, it has been determined that in order to develop Napa Valley College into the college of the future, there is a strong need for large capacity, flexible classroom options that merge new technology with classic instructional delivery.

In order to support these goals, as well as to support the continued integration of technology into basic skills mathematics coursework, Project RISE is assisting in the development of room 1436 into a large, multi-use classroom that can be used as lecture space, and then be quickly converted to a computer lab.  This versatility provides instructors with flexible space to maximize multiple avenues of instructional delivery.

Current Status: The 1436 lab is fully online by the Spring 2017 semester and in regular use by hundreds of students a day.

Current Look at 1436...

1436 8.9.jpg

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