Based on recent policy changes, if you graduated from high school since 2011, and had a high school GPA of 3.0 you can update your math placement to allow you to take Math 232 WITHOUT taking Math 55, 90 or 94!

NOTICE:  The pilot period for this project has been closed. 


  1. Complete the online form located Here, and
  2. Bring a printed copy of that form, along with a copy of your high school transcript, and a picture ID to the Testing and Tutoring Center (room 1764). Its that easy!

Please note that placing into Math 232 does not guarantee you a spot in Math 232 for the coming spring term, but we are working on expanding all future offerings to accommodate this new policy. This pilot offer will end 8/15/2017.

If you are unsure if Math 232 is right for your major, be sure to consult a counselor before registering.

Questions? Call the TTC at (707) 256-7437, or email

Frequently Asked Questions

"I am currently enrolled in Math 90, if I go through this process, does that mean I do not have to take Math 94?"
Response: It depends on your educational goal and the other classes you are planning on taking.  There are just a few classes in Chemistry, Biology, Psychology, and others that require Math 94 as a prerequisite.  If you plan on taking any of these classes, you will still need to take Math 94 to satisfy the prerequisite.  See your counselor if you are unsure what classes you will need to take.

"I am currently enrolled in Math 94, do I still have to complete this form?"
Response: Since Math 94 is already the prerequisite to Math 232 - assuming you successfully complete Math 94 - you do not have to go through this process.  If for some reason you do not complete Math 94 this semester, using your high school GPA would be a viable alternative to get into Math 232.  But if you need Math 94 as a prerequisite for other classes, you would still need to successfully complete the class (see answer above).

"Is there a deadline to submit my transcript?"
Response: The NVC Testing and Tutoring Center will be processing high school transcripts for placement into Math 232 until the beginning of the Fall 2017 semester. However, if you are considering going through this process, I would not recommend waiting too long, since seats in Math 232 sections are often in high demand, so it may take a few semesters to get into the class.

"My educational plan says I need to take Math 106, Math 108, or Math 235 (Finite Math), will this pathway work for me?"
Response: No.  This pathway is designed for students that will not take any classes that require Math 94 (Intermediate Algebra) in the prerequisite path.  

"I am graduating from high school in Spring 2017, does this pathway apply to me?"
Response: Absolutely, however, to complete the process you must show a high school transcript that verifies that you graduated from high school with at least a 3.0 GPA.  This means that you will have to wait until summer to complete everything, although I highly recommend that you complete the online form early so we know you are coming.

"I did not pass Math 94 (Intermediate Algebra) or Math 90 (Beginning Algebra) in a previous semester; can I still submit my transcript for placement?"
Response:  Sure. Assuming you meet all the criteria the policy asks for, your previous coursework at Napa Valley College does not affect your ability to apply.
"But if I didn't pass Math 94 (Intermediate Algebra), how will I ever pass Math 232 (Statistics)?"
Response:  This sequence of courses does not build on previous coursework like progressin from Beginning Algebra to Intermediate Algebra does.  Instead, Statistics requries a great deal of critical thinking skills as well as responsible student behavior.  your previous math exposure guarantees you are ready for the critical thinking, and your high school GPA ensures that you are ready for the rigors of being a successful student. 

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