The McCarthy Library has developed a library guide devoted to Disability Resources.  To access this informative guide, go to:

Additional Resources include the following:

ADA/504 Compliance

ADA/504 Compliance

ADA Homepage

ADA/504 Coordinator Handbook

Auxiliary Aids Covered by the ADA and Section 504

Federal & State Laws Regulations & Guidelines

Section III Federal & State Laws

Rights & Responsibilities for inclusion of students with disabilities in postsecondary activities

Section 504 and ADA Title II

Tipsheet from ADA

Why Accommodate?  Ensuring Equal Access (From the University of Washington)

Rights and Responsibilities FAQ (From the University of Washington)

Legal Issues (From the University of Washington)

Chancellor's Office Legal Advisory A 06-01

Disability Law Site

Disability Rights Education Defense Fund

Disability Information Sites 

Center for Independent Living

Family Village

General Disability Link

LD Pride Online

World Association of Persons with Disabilities

Other Disability Sites
Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Documents Related to ADA

Information Resources by Specific Disability


Job Accommodation Network

National Center for Learning Disabilities

U.S. Department of Justice: ADA Home Page

The Boulevard is a Resource Directory of products and services for the Disabled Elderly, Caregivers and Healthcare Professionals