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Learning Services

Learning Services Tutoring

Who qualifies for tutoring in Learning Services?

Only students who have demonstrated limited ability in a specific academic area (e.g. math, writing, reading) are eligible for tutoring. If you did not qualify for tutoring, you can always obtain extra help from the Math Success Center, Writing Success Center, and/or Testing and Tutoring Center.

What subjects can I receive tutoring in?

Learning Services provides one-on-one tutoring in Math and English onlyBased on your accommodations, you may qualify in either or both areas. Learning Services students requesting tutoring in other subjects must meet with our LD Specialist for approval. 

How does tutoring work?

Tutoring is a weekly commitment. Students and tutors will meet at a scheduled hour-long appointment once a week during Fall and Spring semesters, and twice a week during the Summer session. We do not offer drop-in services

Students are required to enroll in a non-credit course, LRNSNC 602, to receive LS tutoring. The course is free and is a Pass/No Pass class. To receive a Pass, students must come to tutoring appointments for a minimum of 9 hours during the semester.

How do I request tutoring?

If you would like tutoring assistance, submit the Learning Services Request for Tutoring Services form at the start of the semester. Slots are limited and given on a first-come, first-served basis. If all tutoring slots are filled and we are unable to take any more students during a semester, we will keep a tutoring request waitlist. 

Please note for Summer 2020:

  • Currently, we are able to offer tutoring services for the following Math and English classes:
    • English 90 and up
    • Math 85, 93, 95, 106, 108, 120, and 232 
  • In order to receive the 9 weekly hours of accumulated tutoring time required for LRNSNC 602, the last day to submit a request tutoring for Summer 2020 is:
    • 6-week session: Thursday, June 11
    • 8-week session: Thursday, June 25

What else do I need to know about LS Tutoring?

  • If you do not attend your first appointment, your time may become available for other students.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Learning Services Coordinator, Jennifer Stanley, Room 1766D, 707.256.7446, or
  • Tutoring spaces are filled on a first-come, first-served basis starting on the first day of the semester. If all spaces are filled, you will be put on our tutoring waitlist.
  • At your first tutoring appointment, you will review and sign an attendance contract.

Tutoring Attendance Requirements

Once you have established a set weekly tutoring appointment, you will be expected to adhere to the following attendance requirements:

  1. A student may have three (3) excused absences from tutoring. A student may have one (1) unexcused absence. If a student has any combination of four (4) absences, they may be dropped from tutoring. 
    • excused: if a student cancels before their scheduled appointment, that absence will be excused
    • unexcused
      • if a student does not cancel before their scheduled appointment, that absence will be unexcused
      • if a student is more than 10 minutes late for a scheduled appointment for any reason without notifying their tutor, the meeting time will be counted as unexcused
  2. The student is responsible to meet with their tutor at the agreed-upon scheduled time. This time cannot be switched to another day except for holidays or if there is a conflict with the tutor's schedule. If a tutoring appointment is canceled because the tutor cannot meet during that time, the appointment may be rescheduled, availability permitting.