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Entrepreneurship and Management

Do you find yourself drawn to the world of business? In this pathway, you will be exposed to the managerial, analytical, social, and personal skills and theories necessary for success in today’s economy.


Accounting is much more than tax season consulting. We'll prepare you to evaluate business models, manage companies, and even take on executive roles. Accounting will always be in demand.

Business & Entrepreneurship

Learn skills for effective communication techniques, successful management styles, strategy formulation, and many other real-world business practices.

Computer Studies

Explore all aspects of computer and Internet systems. Computer Studies is the study of problem-solving. Troubleshooting and attacking complex problems is enjoyable and our students feel accomplishment daily.

Digital Design Graphics Technology

Dedicated to promoting a stimulating environment and providing a challenging learning experience for students who will design the future.


Principles of macroeconomics, microeconomics, and economic history of the U.S. Economic vocabulary, economic theories, the basis of economic growth, and the role of government in our economic lives.

Hospitality Management

The curriculum reflects the needs of the hospitality industry. Courses provide customer service training, supervisory skills and industry-specific topics.

Viticulture and Winery Technology

Courses prepare students for entry-level positions and help current industry employees to advance in their careers. Based on a core of viticulture and wine-making classes, the program offers a variety of options for careers in the industry.