Napa Valley College Faculty & Staff

Dr. Steven Fawl - Professor of Chemistry

Office: Room 1830B

Phone: 707-253-3195


Office Hours: M - 12:00-1:30; TW - 12:30-1:30, Th - 12:00-1:00

Biography and Interests

I spent 3 years at Skyline Community College where I studied Chemistry and ran on the track team.  In 1976 I went to U.C. Davis where I finished my Bachelors Degree in Chemistry.  I received an invitation to graduate school at U.C. Davis to finish up a project I had started as a senior chemist.  It took a long 6 years to finish the project.  In my last year of graduate school, Napa Valley College put out the call for a temporary instructor in Chemistry and I was advised to apply.  I taught part time at NVC that year while I put the finishing touches on my PhD dissertation.  Unfortunately, my dissertation got lost in the mail and it took another year for it to be found and completed.  When it was finally delivered it had been put into a paper bag and the pages had footprints all over them.  By this time I had been working full time at Napa Valley College and have been there ever since.

My interests are eclectic.  When I first went into chemistry as my major I also had a full ride scholarship to an art school in San Francisco.  My father and I talked it over and we decided that if I went into Chemistry, I could still do my art, but if I went into art, I would never again do Chemistry.  So now I do both.

Over the years my artistic side has become more practical.  Rather than make things that look pretty and have to be dusted, I've started making things of practical use like beautiful inlaid boxes and furniture.  In my spare time I write fantasy adventure books, mysteries, and science fiction, but have never had anything published - maybe someday.

My scholastic background is very broad.  I have taken coursework in Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Enviromental Toxicology, Physics, Math, and Entomology.  Because of my interest in the arts I have also taken numerous writing and art classes.

If there were one thing that people know me for, it would be my ability to do math in my head.  I rarely bring notes to class because I can make up problems and do them in my head before my students can do them on their calculator.  It's a sickness.  Numbers occupy my world - I cannot help seeing numbers and do math with them.  Numbers are all around us - like on license plates.  I will see a number like 631 and wonder if it is a prime number (it is).  I do things like find the decimal equivalent of 1/7 = 0.1428571428....  I can't help it, it is just the way my mind works.

So, now you know a little bit about me, but there is a lot more to tell.  Come to my class and get to know me.  I tell good stories and really enjoy teaching.  I hope you have as much fun in my class as I do.

See you soon.


This is a picture of my goldmine.