Peter Holland

Online Syllabus Busi142 Spring 2014


BUSI 142-65408 Principles of Management

Online Syllabus Spring 2014

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Class Presentation

This class is presented online using the Blackboard 9.1 Learning Management System.The class includes a Learning Module to orient students unfamiliar with Blackboard 9.1 to the Learning Management System. There is no required classroom meeting for this class.

Course Description

The analysis of basic management theory and concepts. The primary functions of management, planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling, are studied in depth.

Prior Study

COMS 110 Introduction to Computers

Course Content

Students will examine the importance of management and business today. From readings, assignments, and case studies they will learn the principles applied by managers.

Students will examine:

  • corporate culture, organizational structures, and the importance of using the right measures in evaluating the performance of organization.

  •  leadership and its importance in contemporary business.

  • management in multicultural organizations in a global business environment and ethical business behavior.

Student Learning Objectives

By the end of this class a successful student will be able to:

  • examine managers’ actions in work situations and identify the roles of planning, organizing, coordinating, and controlling being performed in those situations

  • explain the managerial challenges of managing a diverse workforce with particular reference to national and global dispersion

  • demonstrate competency in the analysis of ethical problems set in a business and personal context by submitting well-constructed and logical solutions

  • participate actively and cooperatively in a team to solve business problems

  • demonstrate proficiency in creating business reports on business situations in a formal business format that is free of spelling errors and has been proof read before submission

Class Discussions and Group Work

Class discussions and Group Work are is an integral part of the class. All students will be required to participate in class and group tasks and make useful contributions to those activities.


Your required textbook is: Exploring Management for Napa Valley College, 4th Edition, John Schermerhorn,  Published by Wiley. This contains only the Chapters used in this class. This is a custom copy of the book and is not available directly from Wiley. The cost is much lower than the complete textbook.

WileyPLUS is required for the class and it contains an e-book for the class. WileyPLUS has a free 14 day trial period available on its site. Details will be advised in class. This will assist students waiting for Financial Aid payments.

More details of other ways the book can be purchased will be provided on my College Website as soon as available. The printed book and WileyPLUS will be available from the College Bookstore.

Two copies of the textbook will be available in the Library on closed reserve.  These do not include copies of WileyPLUS.

Study Materials

The textbook in conjunction with WileyPLUS  provides your basic study source. Your study of the textbook chapters and WileyPLUS learning material will be assessed online. You will have access to other study material provided by your instructor in Blackboard. Your understanding of the practical application of management principles will be enhanced by the completion of case studies, discussions, and other exercises online.


Materials and Computer Requirements

A USB Flash Drive is recommended to store class assignments so that you can access materials away from your home computer. 2GB or greater is preferred, particularly if used for other classes.

You will need a hard covered notebooks to house, class submissions and materials.

A reliable PC and the ability to load, navigate and use software effectively are essential to complete an online class successfully as is a competent level of keyboarding. A reliable internet connection as fast as possible is essential for all online classes.

Group working is enhanced if you have a headset with microphone (many laptops have a video cam with audio) since there are many programs available on Blackboard or on the Internet, such as Skype, that enable you to have live meetings with your group members.

If your PC or Internet is not working that is not an acceptable excuse for submitting assignments or other requirements late or not completing them. You must make alternative arrangements to submit your work. You are advised to have a fallback option available at all times.


Submissions and projects are due in accordance with the class schedule. Depending on class progress this schedule may be amended during the class. Computer time at home or other locations will be necessary to complete required submissions on time. All submissions of assignments and assessments are made online.

All assignments and assessments MUST be submitted on time by all students. This includes late enrollments to the class. Those overdue will earn zero points.

Any personal problems affecting your studies must be notified to the instructor by site mail or to the instructor's college e-mail for consideration prior to any due dates .

This is arrangement is in fairness to those who make the effort to submit their assignments on time.

Attendance on Blackboard

Regular log in to the class Blackboard site at least every two days and class attendance as required is necessary to complete this class. Failure to do this regularly will result in students being dropped from the class. The class will require study of the chapter material and completion of case problems and other assignments and assessments to enhance understanding of the material. Additional class requirements may be provided during the class and maybe at short notice.

Napa Valley College's Academic Honesty Policy

Napa College requires academic honesty to be followed by all students, Cheating is taken very seriously. Make sure that you go the the Online Education page at the College web site and click on Academic Honesty in the left sidebar and study the Napa College Academic Honesty Policy.

The College uses testing software to detect copying without acknowledgement from the Internet.


Campus counseling services are available to you. For details go to Napa Valley College Web site and under Student Services click on Counseling Services.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students may address specific requests to the Office of Special Services at 707-253-3080 (Voice) or 707-253-3085 (TDD).

Withdrawal from a Course 

If you are unable to complete this course, it is your responsibility to drop the class. See the NVC Credit Class Schedule for the official class drop dates. Failure to drop may result in an F on your transcript.

If you experience a serious short term personal problem that affects your study please consult your instructor to see if special arrangements can be made to enable you to complete the class.

If you need to drop this class, please inform your instructor immediately by e-mail since your absence can affect other students in group projects.


All assessments, assignments and exercises will be given grade points. Class Grades will be awarded at the end of the class as follows:

Grade: A 90% or over, B 80 to 89%, C 70 to 79%, D 60 to 69, F below 60.