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Acct 127 Summer 2014 Online Syllabus


ACCT 127-60632 Computer Accounting

Online Syllabus Summer 2014

This syllabus is liable to be amended. Check frequently for any changes.

Instructor: Peter Holland 

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Class Presentation

This class is presented as an online class using Blackboard 9.1 Learning Management System. The class includes a short online introduction to orient students unfamiliar with BlackBoard 9.1 to the class management system (CMS).


If you use a Mac personal computer the data files will not work on your PC. Additional programs available to run PC programs on Macs have not proved to be reliable. You are strongly advised not to do this class unless you have regular access to a Windows PC. If you plan to use the PCs in the Library instead be aware of the limits on the days and hours these are available. The limitations with the hours may make it very difficult to submit assignments on time with a resulting reduction in your grade.

If your PC or Internet is not working that is not an acceptable excuse for submitting assignments late or not completing them. You must make alternative arrangements to submit your work. You are advised to have a fallback option available at all times.

Course Description

This is a Three Unit Class

It is an introduction to the field of accounting and the role accounting plays in local, national and transnational businesses. This course will focus on the computerized preparation of financial statements, specifically, the bookkeeping rules.

A discussion of the theory of journals, ledgers, posting and closing of the financial records will precede the learning of a popular PC based computer program. The course will include a discussion of the possible uses and analysis of computer generated financial statements.

Prior Study

Highly Recommended:  Prior completion of:
                                COMS 110 Introduction to Computer
                                ACCT 120 Introduction to Accounting

Recommended:          ACCT 125 Financial Accounting.

Since this is an Accounting class and not just a class on QuickBooks, students without accounting knowledge or experience may find themselves extended in this class. As a minimum students without previous computer experience should enroll concurrently in an accounting class.

Course Objectives


The purpose of this class is to introduce students to the basic procedures that are used to process transactions and maintain records of the information needs of business persons in a service or merchandising business.

Students will be:

  • imputing information on the various screens
  • recording various reports with imputed information
  • using the interface of the software package to meet the needs of management

Student Learning Objectives

On successful conclusion of the class students will be able to demonstrate their ability to:

  • record basic financial transactions
  • generate financial accounting reports
  • analyze the content of financial accounting reports for use by various financial users
  • set up a company on accounting software

More detailed Student Learning Objectives are published for each class activity on the class Blackboard site.

Topic coverage includes

Program Operation

Customers and Sales
Vendors and Purchasing
Chart of Accounts
Reports and Graphs
New company set up


Class Enrollment

Students are required to login to Blackboard. Preparing your PC to use Blackboard and Login Instructions are posted on the Online Education Page on The College Web Site.

There is no face-to-face class on the first day of class. All class briefing is done online. All students must login to the class on Blackboard on the first day of class (Monday June 10). Failure to do will result in the student being dropped from the class and the place will be offered to a student on the Wait List.

After the first day of class students wishing to add the class must contact the instructor by e-mail at for permission to join the class. Their acceptance will depend on vacant spaces being available and their previous accounting experience. If the instructor gives permission both Admissions and Records and the student will be advised by the instructor. No add cards are required to be completed by Online Students.

No late enrollments are accepted after the first week of class.

Using Blackboard

Students enrolled in the class are required to logon to the Blackboard site on the first day of class. Login to Blackboard is available about a week prior to the start of the class to enable students to check their login. Only a limited amount of class material will be available at this time.

Students are able to work online at home with the QuickBooks software provided with the textbook. All assignments will be posted, and student submissions will be made, in Blackboard. No assignment submissions are accepted on E-mail or Class messages. No printed submissions are required or accepted. QuickBooks Accounting 2013 will be available on a number of PCs in the LLRC. Be aware, however, of the limitations imposed by the Library open hours.

Failure to log in regularly to Blackboard at least every two days and checking the latest postings on announcements, messages, and the Student Help Desk will result in the student being dropped from the class. Failure to submit assignments may also result in Students being dropped from the class.

Text and Materials

Textbook and QuickBooks Accountant 2013

QuickBooks Accountant 2013 is used at the College for this semester. Inuit only makes copies of QuickBooks Premium Accountant available to colleges and your trial copy is from that version.

Your textbook is Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks 2013 Villani and Rosa, Paradigm ISBN  978-0-76385-314-3. This contains a Student Resource CD with company data files for use in Chapter and Case Problems and a 140 day trial copy of QuickBooks Accountant 2013 which should last the class. Be careful what date you start to use the trial copy of QuickBooks Accountant 2013. The book is not sold without the trial copy . Copies of the textbook will be available in the Bookstore. Intuit only provides copies of QuickBooks Accountant to Colleges. You must license QuickBooks as soon as you install the program. The printed textbook is also available from Paradigm. A discount price is available from Paradigm by using a special order form for this class. A copy is provided on the Instructors College Web Site.

You can order an e-book from Paradigm, the publishers of your text. eBook ISBN 978-0-76384-398-4 which also comes with the QuickBooks Accountant 2013 Trial CD and the Data files. Student experience with the eBook in in earlier classes was not always a great success and you may need to be an experienced and patient eBook user if you adopt this option.

Additional information about textbooks is provided on the Instructors College Web Site.


Buying a secondhand copy of the text and adding a trial copy of QuickBooks Accountant 2013 will prove more expensive than buying a new book with the software bundled with it. The textbook is written for the Accountant version and other versions are not suitable for the class. Earlier versions of Quickbooks will not work with the Data Files.

Two copies of the textbook are available in the Library on closed reserve particularly for the use of students awaiting Financial Aid. These do not include copies of the data files so you should use data files loaded on a USB Flash drive. QuickBooks Accountant 2013 is available on a number of PCs in the Library. See the LRRC staff for locations.


USB Flash Drive to store class assignments. 2GB or greater preferred, particularly if used for other classes.
Hard covered notebook to hold class submissions and materials.


The class works on a Saturday to Friday schedule. This means that each Content (Chapter) Module opens at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning and closes at 11:30 PM on Fridays. The schedule for each week is listed on the Class Schedule.

Submissions are due in accordance with the Class Schedule posted in Blackboard. Depending on class progress this schedule may be amended during the class. Computer time at home or other locations will be necessary to complete required submissions on time. All submissions of assignments and assessments are made online. 8 to 12 Hours of study per week will be required to complete this class successfully.

All assignments MUST be submitted on time on the due date by all students. Those overdue will earn zero points. There are no resubmissions. All assignments must be made though the Assignment tab on the Class Menu. As stated above submissions by e-mail or Class messages are not accepted.

Each submission must have the student's First and Last Names added to the name of the Company File. Instructions on how to do this are provided in the QuickBooks content module. This identifies the submitting student and attests that this is the students own work. Submissions without this will earn no grade points.

Any serious personal problems that affect a students class progress must be notified to the instructor by Class Messages or to the instructor's college e-mail for consideration prior to any due dates .

This is arrangement is in fairness to those who make the effort to submit their assignments on time.

Attendance on Blackboard

Regular log in to the class Blackboard site at least every two days and class attendance as required is necessary to complete this class. Failure to do this regularly will result in students being dropped from the class. The class will require study of the chapter material and completion of case problems and other assignments and assessments to enhance understanding of the material. Additional class requirements may be provided during the class.

Napa Valley College's Academic Honesty Policy

Napa College requires academic honesty to be followed by all students, Cheating is taken very seriously. Make sure that you go the the Online Education page at the College web site and click on Academic Honesty in the left sidebar and study the Napa College Academic Honesty Policy. You will be tested on its contents.

The Policy requires that:

"When you log-in to Blackboard, you do so with the understanding and agreement to produce your own work, to complete course activities yourself, and to take course exams and tests without the assistance of others." 

In this class tests are defined as Case Problems, Assessments and Assignments other than Chapter Assignments.

The College uses testing software to detect copying without acknowledgement of the source.

Student Services

Details of Student Services such as Counseling and Accommodations for Students with Disability are available from the College Website.

Withdrawal from a Course 

If you are unable to complete this course, it is your responsibility to drop the class. Your instructor may also drop you if you fail to meet class requirements. See the NVC Credit Class Schedule for the official class drop dates. Failure to drop may result in an F on your transcript. If you experience a serious short term personal problem such as admission to hospital that affects your study please consult your instructor to see if special arrangements can be made to enable you to complete the class.

If you need to drop this class, please inform your instructor immediately by e-mail as a courtesy.


All assessments, assignments and exercises will be given grade points. Class Grades will be awarded at the end of the class as follows:

Grade: A 90% or over, B 80 to 89%, C 70 to 79%, D 60 to 69% F below 60%.

Blackboard Site Requirements 

This information is available from the College Online Education Page on the College Web Site