Greg Miraglia

ADMJ121 - Introduction To Criminal Law

Criminal law is a fascinating area of study because it sets out the parameters of human behavior and interaction in our society. This introduction to criminal law focuses on California State law, but will include many concepts and ideas that transcend all states. It includes basic legal concepts as well as specific laws relating to crimes and punishments. This course is ideal for students interested in pursuing a career in the criminal justice field including jobs in law enforcement and the legal profession. If you want to be a police officer, prosecutor, defense attorney, or paralegal, this class is a foundational piece of your education. It is intended to present the basic information needed by a student to acquire the knowledge and skills expected by the University of California and the California State University systems.  

Student Learning Outcomes:

  • The student will demonstrate the ability to apply criminal law to a word picture scenario.

The course begins with an examination of the origins of our modern day law and then progresses through legal concepts and into specific areas of law including property crimes, crimes against persons, crimes against society, and more. The course is divided into learning modules each of which includes a reading assignment, writing assignment, and test.

The best way to see criminal law in action is to look at real life examples of events and incidents reported in the news. By reading the news paper every day, you will find real life stories related to topics you are reading about in this class. To help you reflect on what you are learning and on how criminal law is applied to real life events, you will participate in a class discussion with your classmates using an online bulletin board.  You are not required to be online at any particular time, however, you must post a response and at least 2 replies to the postings of other students each week.  You will find a link to the weekly discussion in each learning module.  At the bottom of this page, you will find links to online news papers where you will be able to find an article to write about.

Online classes provide students with a non-traditional opportunity to learn free from the time constraints and walls of a classroom. To be successful in an online course, students must be self-disciplined and committed to meeting the timelines and demands of the course. Online education requires as much or more time than a traditional course presented in a classroom. In addition, students must have access to a computer and the Internet and be knowledgeable of how to use online learning software. Before starting this course, students should read the course syllabus and "Strategies For Success In An Online Course." In addition, you will find a link for the "Online Course Orientation" that will help you learn how to operate the Blackboard software.  All students are urged to communicate with the course instructor and to plan sufficient time each week to complete course assignments.