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B. Alex Riddell

Adjunct Instructor  - Life Sciences

Mr. Riddell joined NVC after a 25 year career in Surgical and Pharmaceutical Marketing and Advertising, wherein he held several executive roles, developed and launched more than a dozen new products, led several successful marketing and sales teams and played  key managerial roles in six start-ups. Principal customers were MD's with a surgical specialty, and principal clients were Health Care professionals, scientists, and inventors of new medical and pharmaceutical technologies. His experience spans micro-surgical / robotic instrumentation, pharmaceuticals and OTC medications.

Mr. Riddell holds a B.S. in Zoology (pre-med), and two graduate degrees, an M.A. in Cell Biology and an MBA in Business Management. He is an Alumni of Orange Coast College, where he majored in Surfing, CSU Long Beach and Pepperdine University

Current teaching assignments include BIOL 105, Human Biology, BIO 112, Human Ecology and BIOL 218, Human Anatomy.

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