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New funds for community colleges 'significantly lower' than requested

New funds for community colleges

'significantly lower' than requested

          The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst's Office (LAO) released the annual publication, "California's Fiscal Outlook," on Nov. 16, serving as a prelude to the annual budget deliberation process that begins every January with the release of the Governor's January Budget Proposal.

          The Community College League of California's full analysis and perspective on this report is available here: League Analysis of the 2017-18 Fiscal Outlook

          The Fiscal Outlook estimates new funds for community colleges at about $300 million, significantly lower than the 2017-18 System Budget Proposal request of $752 million.  Additionally while ongoing funds may be available in the Proposition 98 guarantee, the Governor has the discretion to allocate the resources as one-time funds.

          According to Lizette Navarette, Vice President, Strategy & Policy Development for the Community College League of California, over the next several years, colleges will need to continue to focus on long-term cost pressures.

          "The League's primary analysis is to be cautious of the state's heavy reliance on personal income tax," she said. "Based on the forecasted economic conditions and long-term cost pressures, the League advises districts to exercise caution but to maintain focus on current ongoing initiatives like Student Success and Support Programs (SSSP) and Equity. 

          "The LAO revenue estimates are generally higher than those identified by the Governor and Department of Finance, and even those adopted in the Budget Act. The Fiscal Outlook serves as a preview of the upcoming budget discussions."

          To read the full California's Fiscal Outlook report, please click here

          Additionally, the League has crafted Recess Talking Points to assist in local advocacy and relationship development with Legislators.  Click here for the Recess Talking Points.