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College improves student access to computer, registration, email systems

College improves student access to

computer, registration, email systems

          To simplify and expand student access to the Napa Valley College computer, registration and email systems, administrators are making several changes this weekend:

          Starting Monday, Dec. 5, students will log into the WebAdvisor system with a new ID, combining the first initial of their first name, followed by their last name, followed by the last five digits of their student ID number, followed by

For example, Muhammad Lee will log in as

          Also, student passwords will be re-set – each student will receive an email (at their current private email address) with their password information.

          Once students have logged in with their new ID and password, they will be able to re-set their password.

          Thanks to these changes, students will have access to a new link, "myNVC," providing a single-point of entry for WebAdvisor, Canvas, Office 365, Microsoft and Excel. Office 365 will give students a Napa Valley College account through Outlook, so that their email addresses will be the same as their login ID.

          Beginning in January, the new email addresses will be used for all college communications with students.

          Questions should be directed to Robert Parker, vice president of administrative services, at 256-7175.