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BottleRock Travel Advisory


  Traffic Delays and Road Closures Expected During BottleRock (May 9-12)

·       NVC will be open during normal hours and all classes are in
  session as scheduled

·      PLAN ACCORDINGLY during this period

·      SHARE this advisory broadly with students and expected
  campus visitors

There will be sufficient parking for NVC students, staff, and faculty in the NVC lots on May 9, 10, 11, & 12  but significant traffic delays are expected in the area during these days due to the large number of anticipated BottleRock guests parking at Napa Pipe and traveling north to the Expo by shuttle bus up Napa-Vallejo Highway and Soscol.

For the period of BottleRock (starting at 9am on the morning of Thursday, May 9 through the 11pm of Sunday, May 12) we recommend that campus visitors, students, staff, and faculty:

·        Travel to NVC via Highway 29 over the southern cross route

·        Avoid  traveling on Soscol or Silverado Trail, since these roads are expected
   to be heavily impacted with portions of them actually closed near the Expo

Imola may also be affected due to the ripple effects of impacts on Soscol and Silverado Trail. Exiting campus during this period will also be impacted, so plan accordingly.  CHP also anticipates that Jameson Canyon will be affected due to increase traffic and ongoing construction.

Community members, students, faculty, and staff coming to and from NVC May 9 through May 12 should give themselves more time than usual to arrive and leave and should expect delays getting to and from campus.

When possible, carpooling and travel by bicycle to and from NVC during this period is also recommended.

Questions regarding parking and traffic should be directed to NVC Police Chief Ken Arnold.