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Stay Connected to NVC

Napa Valley College provides NVC students, faculty, staff and the community with opportunities to stay informed about college activities and connect with the campus and activities.

NVC Communicate is a comprehensive alert system which the College uses to communicate important information such as emergency alerts, official notices, and user selectable information via email, text, and social media.  It is also a way by which certain college program areas heavily used by students and the public can keep you informed.  For a list of specific program areas from which you may want to receive program communications (activities, deadlines, Comments), click here and follow the sign up instructions.



Napa Valley College Student Services want to hear from you!


Talk To Us is on-line access to NVC Student Services Talk.  Click here to complete the online inquiry form to submit your feedback/comments online regarding our services. Click here to submit your comments.





Declare Yourself is outreach to NVC students to request confidential demographic information that enables NVC to better describe the population served on campus, as well as enable the college to qualify for specialized grants.  Click here to Declare Yourself



 Napa Valley College Foundation: The NVC Foundation not only supports NVC students and programs through the generous donations from the community, but also posts student and college interest stories and photographs on Facebook.  "Like" the Napa Valley College Foundation on Facebook Page.  Join our social network.