Ruscal Cayangyang is new student trustee 

    Ruscal Cayangyang Student Trustee

    Ruscal Cayangyang of Vallejo has been appointed to the Napa Valley College Board of Trustees as student trustee. He took office at the meeting March 8.

    For almost a year, Cayangyang has been working at Napa Valley College as a Student Ambassador, and served as Student Chief Financial Officer, actively presenting at the Board of Trustees meetings. A student activist, he has been involved in Occupy Napa Valley College. He also serves as chairman of the City of Vallejo Youth Commission.

    Cayangyang is one of the youngest public officials in the State of California, and believed to be first Filipino American student trustee in Napa Valley College history. He’s continuously helping students and citizens achieve their education goals, and says he is passionate to “change our world for the better. If you need help on anything, feel free to contact me or my colleagues.” The ASNVC office can be reached by calling 707-256-7340.

    At the March 8 meeting a resolution was passed to honor James Holliday, outgoing student trustee.