Once you have applied to Napa Valley College using the online application, we will create a User ID and Initial Password for you within 24 hours.  You may then log in to WebAdvisor following these steps:

Go to WebAdvisor (link will open a new window).  The first thing you need to do is find out what your User ID is (this is different than the User ID you created yourself to use the Online Application).  Your WebAdvisor User ID will never change.

Screenshot of the Main WebAdvisor Menu, before logging in.

Click on the menu bar on the right-hand side of the main WebAdvisor screen that corresponds to the group to which you belong--for example, if you're a student you would click on the blue Student menu bar..

All menus have these three links to find out your username, your password, and to change your password.

Click on the "What's my User ID?" link.

Screenshot of the What's my User ID? Link

Enter your last name, and then either your Social Security number (if you entered it when you created your online application) or your Student ID (this is a seven-digit number issued by the system.  If you don't know it, and you didn't enter a social security number in your online application, then you will need to come to campus and show picture identification at Admissions & Records to obtain your Student ID number). When you click the SUBMIT button you will be shown your User ID.  User IDs are ALWAYS lower-case, and may include numbers at the end.  Examples of User IDs are:

  • smithj
  • ochoav2193
  • hossienr423
  • walters-hughesb (this person has a hyphenated last name)

Now that you know your User ID, click "Log In" at the top or bottom of the screen.

Log In screen - Remember: your Initial Password is your date of birth in the format MMDDYY.

Enter your User ID as it was shown to you (remember it must be lower-case), and then enter your initial password.  All initial passwords are set to your date of birth in the format MMDDYY with no dashes or slashes.  For example, if your date of birth is March 26, 1985 then your initial password would be 032685.  Click SUBMIT.

Change Password screen - Remember, 'Old Password' is whatever you used as a password to get to this screen.

You will immediately be told that your password has expired--this is by design so that you create your own password.  Enter your User ID, then where it asks for 'Old Password' enter your six-digit date of birth that you just used to log in.  Now you will need to create a new password for yourself.

WebAdvisor passwords must be between 6 and 9 characters long, and must contain letters and numbers.  They are case-sensitive, which means that muffy07 and Muffy07 are two different passwords.  Make sure the password you choose is at least 6 characters long, and not more than 9 characters long.

Finally enter a password hint--this becomes really important if you forget your password in the future (and many people do).  The hint can be anything short that will jog your memory about what your password is.  After you've done that, click SUBMIT.

Screenshot of the WebAdvisor main menu after you've logged in

Once you successfully set your password you will be logged in to WebAdvisor, and you will either be in the group menu that you started in (for example, the Student menu) or be returned to the Main Menu.  The only changes you'll notice on the Main Menu when you're logged in are:

  1. In the upper left-hand corner it now reads "Welcome Yourname!"
  2. The Prospective Students menu bar is no longer visible (you're logged in, so we know you're not a prospective student!)

Congratulations--you've successfully logged in to WebAdvisor.  We strongly urge you to write your User ID and Password down and keep them somewhere safe--treat them like you would treat your Bank ATM card.  After you register you might not use them again until the end of the semester, and it's easy to forget!