10 tips for Successful Transfer
                                              1. Learn how to be a successful college student
                                              2. Choose a transfer major
                                              3. Learn about transfer requirements
                                              4. Complete English and Math early
                                              5. Choose some target universities
                                              6. Meet with university representatives
                                              7. See if you're eligible for a Transfer Admission Guarantee
                                              8. Use NVC's Transfer Advocate Program
                                              9. Visit university campuses
                                            10. Learn about the application process

University and College Representative Visits at NVC

 We have many Representatives visiting our campus.  Be sure to check the Calendar for the
most up-to-date information.  Though it is recommended you meet with a Counselor/Advisor first, you may also contact a Representative directly by using the All Rep Contact List sp16.pdf .

 Currently, you may sign-up to meet with the Representatives by visiting General Counseling or leaving a message with the Transfer Center at 707.256.7333

Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG)

This program is designed to guarantee acceptance for the student who fulfills
a combination of grade point average, general education, and major course work requirements.

Napa Valley College offers Agreements with:

 All University of California Schools except UC Berkeley and UC Los Angeles

The UC TAG Matrix will be available here in summer for Fall 2016. It provides a list of participating campuses, eligibility criteria and campus-specific notes. 
UC TAG Application
(Start with UC Transfer Admission Planner link below TAG on UC link)

Independent Colleges and Universities

St. Mary's College

Transfer Admission Guarantees are usually written 1 year before the intended term of transfer.  


Transfer Advocate Program (TAP) 

Faculty and staff volunteer to share their college experiences with students interested in transferring to the college/university they attended or in their field of study.  The list of TAP members in the link below contains contact information so you can reach them directly to arrange a meeting.
TAP List