College Police

Parking Citation Appeal Form

If you received a parking citation and wish to appeal it, you must do so by:

Appearing in person at the College Police Department and completing an appeal form


Request that an appeal form be sent to you in the mail by calling (707) 253-3330


Downloading the appeal form in PDF format, completing it, and mailing it in or dropping it off to the College Police Department


Fill out the form below and click Send.


In order to comply with state law and the Napa Valley Community College District's parking reveiw program, it is the policy of the College Police Department to review the circumstances surrounding the issuance of a parking citation upon the request of the person to whom the citation was issued. The circumstances of the violation will be reviewed.  If the issuing officer is satisfied that the violation did not occur, or the violation has been corrected, or it is in the interest of justice the citation will be dismissed. This level of appeal does not require you to pay the citation. The person receiving the citation will be notified of the results by mail.


  1. This form must be completed by the person driving the car when the citation was issued.
  2. All the information required to complete this form can be found on the citation or by calling the CITATION PROCESSING CENTER at 1-800-535-2421.  Please have the citation number and license number ready.
  3. Please keep your copy of the parking citation. DO NOT SEND THE CITATION TO THE COLLEGE POLICE.
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