How do I apply to NVC? 

Go to Apply to NVC Online! to start the application process.  Click here to view an application.


Where can I find out what my priority registration date is? 

Check out the How to Register page for more information.

How do I register online? 

For detailed information on how to register for classes visit the WebAdvisor page. 

Where can I pay my tuition fees? 

You can pay your tuition fees online through WebAdvisor.  You may also pay in person registration and other associated student fees and purchase ASNVC ID cards at the Business/Cashier Office located in the 1500 Administration Building, Rm 1542.

How can I get an "Add Card" to add a class? 

Students must obtain an "add card" from the instructor of the course on or after the first day of classes.  The Admissions and Records Office does not distribute add cards to students.  There are specific course add deadlines that students should pay close attention to.  Refer to the class schedule or webpage for further information.

Do I need my books for the first day of class? 

It's not mandatory to have them the first day, but we strongly suggest you purchase them early.  Here are some good reasons to buy them early:  Avoid the long lines the first week of class; more selections of used textbooks are available before classes start; used books cost less; sometimes books are sold out early and you have to wait a number of days or weeks for the order to come in; and there are alternative locations and web sites to buy books.  But you are subject to shipping time, and could be waiting weeks, so plan ahead for future semesters.

What is the procedure to withdraw from a class? 

Visit the How to Register section in the Admissions and Records page for instructions on how to drop a class.

How can I audit a course? 

For detailed information on how to audit a course visit the Policies section in the Admissions and Records page.

What do I do if there is a class I still need to get into? 

Contact the instructor by phone or email if possible.  Show up the first day of the class and ask if there is room.  Get an Add Card from the instructor.  Take to Admissions and Records.  Once the class officially starts, you must obtain an Add Card from the instructor, you can no longer add a class on WebAdvisor.  Visit a Counselor if you have questions.

How can I get a hold of a professor? 

If you are trying to contact a full time instructor, visit our Employee Directory.  If you are trying to contact an adjunct instructor, contact the respective Division Secretary

What if I'm on an electronic waiting list? 

If you want to add the class that is already officially full, you must attend the first day and find out if there is space from the instructor.  Get an Add Card from the instructor and take it to Admissions and Records to officially add the class.

How do I file a change of address? 

Print out the Change of Student Information form and turn it in to Admissions and Records.

How can I obtain a transcript? 

You may Order Transcripts online or visit Transcript Request for detailed information.

How can I find out if a course is transferable to NVC? 

Visit the How to Apply page or the Evaluation for Transcripts page for detailed information.

I'm seeking information about Financial Aid/Scholarships. 

Check out the Financial Aid page for more information.

Where can I pick up a Student ID card (aka ASNVC card)? 

Students may purchase an ASNVC card for $5 at the Cashier's Office in the 1500 Building, Rm 1542.  After paying, take your receipt to the ASNVC Office in Bldg. 1300, Rm. 1342 to take your picture and pick up your card.

Do I need a Student ID card (ASNVC card)? 

It is recommended for students to obtain a card, but it is not required.  Visit the ASNVC page to view the benefits of having a ASNVC Student ID card.  

Who do I contact to set up an information table at NVC? 

Contact the Office of Student Life at (707) 256-7340 or visit the ASNVC page to print and fill out the Solicitation Request form found under the Forms and Handouts link.

Where can I find information about student job fairs? 

Visit the Career Center website and select Services to Students/Alumni page for more information.

I want to post a job opening on campus.  How can I do so? 

Visit the Services to Employers link in the Career Center's website for more information.

What are the college guidelines for posting ads/flyers? 

Check out the Associated Students of Napa Valley College website and select the College Posting Guidelines page for complete details on posting on campus.  You can also contact the ASNVC office at (707) 256-7340.

How can I contact NVC's student clubs and associations? 

Go to the Associated Students of Napa Valley College website and select the Clubs and Organizations page for more information.

Where can I find out more about housing options at NVC? 

Visit the Associated Students of Napa Valley College website and select the Housing Board page for more information.  

How can I receive a copy of the Student Complaint and Grievance Policy and Procedures Booklet? 

Hardcopies are available in the Office of Student Services (Rm 1330).  This booklet can also be found online under the Student Rights and Responsibilities page.