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Counseling Services

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Counseling Staff

Howard Willis, Dean of Counseling Services & Student Success         Renee Sicard, Div. Secretary         Gina Cota, Secretary                  Jessenia Cota, Student Assistant   Brandy Jones, Student Assistant

Counseling Faculty 

Angie Moore                                 Elizabeth Lara                              Gwen Kell                                    Jeannette McClendon                    Jose Hurtado                              Lynda Monger                             Marci Sanchez                         Melinda Tran                           Patricia Posada                          Sheryl Fernandez                     Stacey Howard   

Adjunct Counseling Faculty

Betty Hopperstad                         Eric Martinez                                Hope Scott                                   Jerry Somerville                         Kathleen Hisel                             Reed Davis                             Sonya Wright                          William Coley