​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome New Students! Applications for admissions to Napa Valley College are accepted at any time for any future semester. ​All students must complete the Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) in order to successfully enroll at NVC. This includes orientation, assessment and an abbreviated educational plan.

The following procedures are required for all prospective students:​​



Admissions and Records
(707) 256-7200

Complete the online Application for Admission >>​

It pays to Declare Yourself, so please make sure to provide us your biographical/demographic information under section 2 of the application.

Be prepared to declare an educational goal.​​

Step 1 Details:

  1. After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation "Welcome to CCCApply" email and a separate "Welcome to NVC" letter at which time you will be in the system and may ​proceed to step 2, the placement process.
  2. It is very important to include a current email address.
  3. If you are returning after one or more years, you must complete the Statement of Legal Residency Form ​and submit it to the Admissions and Records Office.
  4. Have you applied for Financial Aid? If interested, contact the Financial Aid Office (707) 256-7300.
  5. Students with transcripts from other colleges and universities must submit official sealed copies to Admissions and Records.


Testing and Tutoring Center
(707) 256-7434 or (707) 256-7437

Visit Testing and Tutoring Center >>

Take an assessment test in the Testing and Tutoring Center, Room 1764 in Building 1700, to determine the course placement for English and Math classes. No appointment is necessary. Call office or check website for drop-in hours.

You must have applied for admission to NVC at least 24 hours prior to testing and must bring a picture ID.​

Step 2 Details:

  1. For Math classes, students can use their high school transcript to demonstrate they have met a prerequisite for a course. For certain classes this requires a Prerequisite Equivalency Petition with the high school transcript attached, available through Admissions and Records or General Counseling Center.​
  2. Students who have completed assessment at another college within the last 3 years must bring a copy of the test results to the Testing and Tutoring Center for evaluation.
  3. Students with an AA/AS or higher degree from a US institution are exempt from the placement test. (Complete the Matriculation Waiver at the General Counseling Center).


Take the online orientation session >>

All students must complete an orientation regardless of educational goal.

Step 3 Details:

  1. In orientation, students learn about academic programs, services, regulations and student services.
  2. Students need to bring Math and English assessment test results to the in-person session to guide in course selection.​


Counseling Center
(707) 256-7220

Visit Counseling Center >>​

Starting Fall ’14, all new students must complete an abbreviated (one semester) Ed Plan. Check General Counseling website for drop-in hours.

Step 4 Details:

  1. Counselors and Specialists are available to all students on a drop-in only basis during registration periods.
  2. Appointments are available during the non-registration periods for students who would like to develop an Educational Plan that reflects their career/academic goals.
  3. Counselors will assist students with selection of their first semester courses, based on their academic goal and assessment results. Students should bring in their assessment test results to the advising session.
  4. Counselors and Specialists are available for all students in the General Counseling Center, Transfer Center and Career Center. Participants enrolled in EOPS, CARE, Student Support Services TRIO, Umoja, HSI-STEM, DSPS, and WorkAbility III can meet with their respective program Counselors/Specialists.
  5. Students with transcripts from other colleges and universities must bring official sealed copies to their counseling appointment if not previously submitted.


Register through WebAdvisor >>​


Registration for classes can be done through the WebAdvisor​ system up to midnight before the first day of classes. All students register according to their priority registration​​ status. After the first day of classes, students will need an add card from their instructor to register. Late start classes have different registration dates. Please refer to the Admissions and Records website​ and select the Priority Registration link.

Step 5 Details:

  1. Students are ready to register online through WebAdvisor​ or in person, based on A-G priorities.
  2. “How-to” instructions for WebAdvisor are also listed on the WebAdvisor Start Page​.
  3. If a class is full, students may sign up to waitlist for classes through WebAdvisor​​ up until midnight before the first day of the semester.
  4. You must attend the first class meeting, including students on the waitlist, or you may be dropped from the class.
  5. Payment is due immediately following registration. Grace periods may apply. Students can be dropped for nonpayment. Contact the Cashiers Office at (707) 256-7188.

Prerequisite Equivalencies:

Prerequisites completed through another college can be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office on a ​Prerequisite Equivalency Petition in advance of their priority registration date for approval. Prerequisites completed in high school can be submitted to the Admissions and Records Office on a Prerequisite Equivalency Petition on their priority registration date, but not in advance. All petitions must be accompanied by a transcript.

Prerequisite Challenges:

If a student needs to challenge a prerequisite for a course, they will need to meet with a counselor to complete the process. Students will be required to submit supporting documentation with their challenge.