Assessment sessions gather vital student information using tests and other measures to help predict courses in which students will be successful.  Assessment may include, but is not limited to, information about the student's math skills, reading and writing skills, study skills, English language proficiency, learning skills and aptitudes, educational goals, career aspirations, academic performance and need for special services.  A college counselor or appropriate faculty member evaluates the assessment results and recommends appropriate course placement and support services.  Computerized assessment testing is available year-round.  Students can either register for the testing through WedAdvisor or by contacting the Testing and Tutoring Center (707) 256-7434.

Orientation/Advising Sessions

The orientation session provides new Napa Valley College students with information on programs, support services, activities, policies and procedures, use of the catalog, student rights and responsibilities, and employment opportunities.  The Counseling Department can be reached at (707) 256-7220.

During the advising segment, counselors and program assistants help students understand their assessment scores, select courses and develop class schedules.  This academic evaluation is based on multiple measures, including English, math and writing assessment scores, high school GPA, work hours, personal goals, life experience, motivation and attitude, study skills assessment, and previous course work and its relevancy. 

Matriculation or SSSP (Student Success and Support Programs) Status

At Napa Valley College, our admission process includes more than completing an application to the college.  We have a special admission program designed to help you succeed in college. This program is called matriculation or SSSP.  It includes: assessment, orientation, counseling, the development of an educational plan and registration.

All students are encouraged to participate in each of these activities.  However, students who have earned an A.A./A.S. degree or higher are considered matriculated and are exempt from participating in assessment activities. To verify your degree, contact the Counseling Office (707) 256-7220 for more information.

Napa Valley College will:

1. Process applications for admission.
2. Orient students to NVC programs, services, policies, and facilities.
3. Sensitively assess the aptitudes, interests, and skills of students.
4. Thoughtfully counsel and advise students.
5. Assist students in the development of an educational plan.

Students at Napa Valley College will:

1. State a broad educational goal upon admission.
2. Declare a specific educational goal after 15 units have been completed.
3. Regularly attend a class.
4. Complete assigned homework.
5. Participate actively in counseling, orientation/advising.
6. Actively seek support services as needed.
7. Make progress towards the declared educational goal.

Napa Valley College believes that students who meet their responsibilities will enhance their educational goals and their college experience in general.

Matriculation Appeals

A student may appeal any portion of these procedures to the Vice-President of Student Services.  Appeals may be based on disputes over equivalent courses or tests, misapplication of these guidelines or other student concerns.  For more information, contact the Office of Student Services, Room 1339H, Student Services Building, or call the office at (707) 256-7363.