WorkAbility III

Academic Support Services

     Academic Support Services

WorkAbility III assists students in successfully completing their courses, certificates, degrees and/or transfer requirements which will provide them with the foundation and preparation for a job in their chosen field.

Working with a Workability counselor, we will build an educational plan based on your strengths and abilities.  Each semester, we revisit your plan to make adjustments as needed to help you reach your goals.  Once you've chosen your classes, Workability provides enrollment and registration assistance. 

Because accommodations are determined for each individual student, based on how the disability affects learning, your counselor will discuss with you which of the following services would be appropriate.

Services may include:

  • Academic, personal, transfer, and vocational counseling
  • College program planning
  • Diagnostic testing
  • 0-Priority registration
  • Information about eligibility for fee waivers
  • Peer Study Groups/Workshops/Tours/Fieldtrips
  • Support services personnel such as note-takers, real-time captioners, sign language interpreters, and scribes
  • Testing accommodations
  • Liaison with four-year colleges and community agencies
  • Liaison with the Department of Rehabilitation
  • Instructional materials in alternate media, such as braille, large print,
    electronic text (e-text), tactile graphics, and audiotape
  • Access to adapted computer equipment and other assistive technology.

To learn more about the program, or to make an appointment with a counselor, please call Malia, our WAIII Secretary at: (707) 256-7371.


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