Peter Holland

Textbook ACCT 127 Spring 2014

Textbooks ACCT 127 Summer 2014


Your required Textbook is Computerized Accounting with QuickBooks 2013. Villani and Rosa. Paradigm Publishing. ISBN 978-9-76385-314-3. It comes with two CDs. One contains the Data Files for use in class. The other CD is a Trial Copy of QuickBooks Accountant 2013 that lasts for 140 days from the time it is installed. You need both CDs.

Secondhand Books.

The big problem with second hand books is that they are very likely to have either no copy of the QuickBooks CD or one that has already been used and registered and is not useable. The QuickBooks CD is not sold separately. You are therefore advised NOT to try to follow that route. Buy new.

Your Options for Purchasing Print Copies of the Textbook.

Campus Bookstore

Copies of the textbook are available in the Bookstore.The Bookstore is no longer run by Napa Valley College. It is now outsourced to Barnes and Noble. Most Bookstores sell the books at about 30% or so above cost price plus Sales Tax.

The Bookstore is available through the Napa Valley College Website. They also offer Second Hand Textbooks. You have already been warned about these. Unless you are absolutely sure that one of these has a new CD with a trial copy of QuickBooks Accountant 2013 do not purchase it.

Other Possibilities

Buying Direct from Paradigm

Paradigm has a Special Discount for Napa Valley College students in classes using their textbooks which gives them a discounted price. Without the form Paradigm lists the textbook at $141.23

The discount price is                                                                  

Note that this has a shipping charge and includes the Sales Tax. Sales Tax may be variable! You should be able to get similar to that.

You purchase from . Then click on Business and Accounting and click on Computer Accounting with QuickBooks 2013.

When you check out use this discount code NVC_14.


This is available from Paradigm at the same site as above and comes with the two CDs. ISBN 978-0-76385-316-7.

Paradigm List price is $70.58. Sales Tax adds about $4.94. No discount!


There are many sites on the Internet that sell textbooks at reduced prices and rent copies. You can search on Google or Bing to find those sites. (Remember NO second hand books). Those include Amazon. Be aware that Amazon employs dynamic costing. This means that prices are variable according to demand. Some of these sites offer rental books (Make sure that you get a NEW copy).