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How the Wait List Works



How the Wait List Works


This is how the Wait List works:

The Wait List is organized by Admissions and Records until midnight on the day before classes start. As students drop in that time, usually because they do not pay their fees on time or decide not to proceed with the class , students from the Wait List are moved up to the Class List. In that time you have to keep checking to see if a slot appears and you can get on the Wait List. Instructors have no say in the list during that time.

From the first day of class your instructor controls an Instructor Waiting List in the same way offering students a chance to join the class when others drop (or get dropped!). The old Wait List at that stage is cleared first.

Students who are not enrolled one of the classes by the time the class opens need to e-mail the instructor at to apply to join their class. Enrollments close on Friday August 30.

The procedure after a student applies to the instructor differs for the two classes.

ACCT 127 Computer Accounting

The instructor will advise  students if they can enroll and also advise them how they can get a signed add card.. The instructor does not have an office on campus
They must then take this to Admissions and Records and they will be required to pay their fees that day.

BUSI 242 Principles of Management

The instructor will advise  students if they can enroll and at the same time advise Admissions and Records that the student has been accepted for the class.  Admissions and Records will then enroll the student who is required to pay the fees as soon as the enrolment appears on WebAdvisor.