Library Staff Nov 2018.JPGMaría L. Villagómez    256-7156
Senior Dean, Language Arts, Library and Social Science
Faculty Web Page

Brian Lym     256-7422
Director of Library Services

Stephanie Grohs    256-7426 or 256-7430

Nancy McEnery     256-7430

Faculty Page

Dr. Amy Catania
Adjunct Librarian

Amy Guan         256-7416
Learning Resources Technician

Chanthara Soungpanya

Library Resource Assistant

Ruth Jimenez        256-7421
Library Resource Assistant

Justin Boulay
Instructional Support Specialist
Office:  1769E
(707) 256-7441
Courtenay Jory
 Administrative Assistant of Library, Educational Support, and Learning Technology
Office 1753
(707) 256-7417