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To ensure quality instruction and student success, Institutional Technology (IT) is committed to delivering high quality technical leadership, resources, and services to students, faculty, and staff in support of the campus mission. IT coordinates and manages instructional technologies; enterprise systems; servers; wired and wireless data networks including Internet; and communication & collaboration systems including electronic mail, voicemail, telephone service, video, and web.


Institutional Technology will provide the tools and environment to connect, empower, enrich, and enhance collaboration, teaching, learning, and innovation among members of our extended community as they pursue the higher human values of knowledge, creativity, community, culture, integrity, enlightenment, and wisdom in the 21st century.


In order to achieve the highest standards of student success, Institutional Technology values the following guiding principles in all we do: Innovation, Integrity, Diversity, Excellence, and Accountability (iIDEA). We envision and foster innovative new systems, thinking, teaching, and learning; act with and uphold high standards of integrity and ethical conduct; recognize that diversity of ideas and individuals is our greatest strength; are committed to excellence in service; and hold ourselves accountable for our actions.


NVC IT Core Functions

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Fall  2014 Hours:

8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Phone: 707-256-7550
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McPherson Building
Room 1543

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