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We are dedicated to providing our future culinarians with an education rooted in classic technique while maintaining a focus on the potential environmental impact of our industry.  In an effort to reduce our carbon  foot-print and lower the overall impact of the culinary industry on the global climate, we have created our own biodynamic system.  From the first day on campus our students begin to learn how to reduce daily waste with composting and recycling, care for our flock of rare and heritage breed hens, and nurture our rare-seed, organic garden.  Throughout our curriculum we emphasize the responsibility of a chef to provide food that is safe to the consumer and respectful of the environment.  We promote making knowledgeable and conscious choices when purchasing for any food service establishment.  

Throughout our program we educate our students about the difference between commodity versus organic meat, eggs, dairy and produce.  We lead by example, purchasing local, organic and sustainable foods and providing our students with only the best possible ingredients with which to train.  Students study the practices of aquaculture, feed lots, battery cages, pasture raising, and the effects of harmful pesticides, fertilizers and growth hormones in order to fully understand the impact each practice has on our health and the environment. 

It is very important to all of the instructors at Napa Valley Cooking School that our students are making educated decisions about the food they serve. 

Our Student Garden

We take great pride in our organic vegetable garden and flock of heritage breed hens.  


Foghorn Leghorn                                           Honey and her eggs!


We hand raise our hens from chicks!           The chicks enjoying our garden


Purple Romanesco                                        Yard beans growing on Napa River bamboo


Swiss Chard                                                       Cucumber Vines


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